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Custom Outdoor Patio Covers in Denver, Colorado

Upgrade your outdoor space and protect your patio against the elements with the help of our expert custom outdoor patio covers here in Denver, CO.

Custom Outdoor Patio Covers in Denver, Colorado

For years, homeowners in Denver seeking top-notch outdoor patio cover services have consistently turned to us, the trusted experts. Our professional team ensures you avoid common issues like rapid wear and tear, providing long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Choosing us means not just avoiding a disappointing outcome, but also enjoying enhanced outdoor living. Our expertly designed patio covers offer both protection and style, elevating your outdoor space into a perfect area for relaxation and entertainment.

Get Your Custom Outdoor Patio Covers Installed By Experts

Our exceptional service and benefits have transformed the industry, establishing a new standard for quality. Explore the perks we provide:

Why Professional Custom Outdoor Patio Covers Are a Great Investment

Investing in our custom outdoor patio covers means not just enhancing your home’s aesthetic but also its function and value. Picture this: You’re hosting a backyard BBQ and, despite unexpected rain, your event goes on smoothly, thanks to your durable patio cover. 

Here’s why our service is a wise choice:

A stylish and practical outdoor space can significantly boost your home’s market appeal.
Our covers allow you to use your patio in all weather conditions, maximizing your outdoor living space.
Built with high-quality materials, our patio covers resist wear and tear, saving you money in the long run.

Upgrades Homeowners Make When Getting Custom Outdoor Patio Covers in Denver, Colorado

Many homeowners don’t stop at just adding a patio cover; they seize the opportunity to upgrade other aspects of their outdoor space as well. Here’s what they often add:

Your Outdoor Patio Could Look as Good as These

Your outdoor space transformation can look just as stunning as these examples. Consider these photos as a solid source of inspiration for your project. Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the quality of our services:

Custom Outdoor Patio Covers Costs in Denver, CO

Understanding that no two outdoor spaces are the same, we offer personalized quotes to meet your unique needs. 

Contact us to discuss your project for an accurate estimate. Generally, custom patio covers in Denver start around $3,000, though prices vary based on specific requirements and design choices.

What Your Neighbors In Denver Say About Us

We’re incredibly thankful for the glowing testimonials from our satisfied customers. Their positive feedback fuels our dedication. Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:


Rachael Sorensen


Jon and Team were great to work with throughout the project. We had a few delays that Jon was more than willing to accommodate, and he was a great professional throughout. Our yard looks phenomenal and we haven’t had any follow-up issues since the installation.

Jon also went above and beyond and graveled our backup parking space because he had extra material.

The whole project was completed faster than I anticipated and completely on budget. I would HIGHLY recommend Land Designs to anyone in Denver. Great job and thank you!


Paul Bary


John is a pleasure to deal with. His plant knowledge is extensive and his design eye is superb.

He has done many projects for us to include a paver patio, planting beds, garden design/planting and a French drain system, with several more projects scheduled for this Spring.

I recommend John and his company unreservedly.

Benefits of Working With Us Here at Land Designs by Colton

At Land Designs by Colton, our seasoned team dedicates their lives to exceptional craftsmanship in outdoor patio design. 

Each member approaches your home with respect and politeness, influencing their work ethic and interaction with you during your project. Here are three key benefits of choosing us:

By selecting our skilled craftsmen, you sidestep the frequent need for repairs, saving money in the long run. Our quality work ensures your outdoor space remains impeccable for years.
We’re known for our stunning patio covers that not only boost your home’s appeal but also enhance its functionality. Our designs are eye-catching and tailored to suit your lifestyle.
Our unparalleled expertise in patio cover design and installation is something you simply can’t find elsewhere. We bring years of experience, guaranteeing that your outdoor space turns out exactly as you envisioned.

3-Step Process For Succesful Collaborations

Choosing us means a smooth and stress-free process from start to finish. In just three simple steps, we handle everything, ensuring you enjoy the makeover without any hassle.
collaborate landscape



We listen to your ideas and vision, planning together to achieve your dream outdoor space.
Man Installing Landscape Lighting in Colorado



Our skilled team takes over, transforming your patio efficiently and with unmatched quality.
New Landscape After Designing and Installation



Step out into your upgraded outdoor area and start making memories with family and friends.

Custom Outdoor Patio Covers in Denver, CO - FAQs

Absolutely! We specialize in custom outdoor patio covers designed to fit any unique dimensions and configurations. 

Whether you have round patio furniture, rectangular outdoor dining sets, or unique spaces that don’t fit basic shapes, we can tailor a cover that provides a perfect fit, ensuring optimal protection against weather elements.

Our high-quality covers are made from durable materials, such as vinyl, that offer excellent weather resistance against heavy rain, UV rays, and even bird droppings. This ensures your patio furniture stays dry and in pristine condition. 

Both waterproof and UV resistant, our custom covers give your outdoor furniture maximum protection.

Yes, our custom patio furniture covers come with an easy-to-use securing mechanism to keep the cover tight fit around your furniture, ensuring it stays in place even during strong winds. 

Despite their snug fit, they’re also designed for ease of removal when you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor space again.

Certainly! In addition to custom outdoor patio covers, we can create personalized covers for accessories, including pillow slips and cushions. 

This means every part of your outdoor furniture set, down to the smallest detail, can be protected, ensuring your entire outdoor space remains in top condition.

Our custom covers can be made for a vast array of furniture types and accessories, offering a variety of customization options from fabric choices, color, to specific features like water-resistant or UV-resistant treatments. 

This ensures you receive a personalized cover that meets your specific needs while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Our custom-made covers are crafted from high-quality, durable materials designed for longevity.

While the lifespan of each cover varies based on exposure and usage, you can expect superior quality and durability that withstands various elements, keeping your furniture in excellent condition for years.

To ensure a custom cover that fits perfectly, we recommend you provide detailed dimensions of your furniture. 

Simply measure the length, width, and height of each piece you want to cover. For non-standard shapes or sets, our team is happy to guide you through the measurement process for an optimal fit.

Our covers are uniquely designed for each individual customer, offering a tailored fit that generic covers can’t match. 

With personalized options, high-quality materials, and a focus on durability and protection against weather elements, our custom covers provide superior protection and a personal touch that enhances the look and longevity of your outdoor furniture.

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Jonathan & Flavia Colton

Enjoy Your Patio Even When It's Raining

Investing in our custom outdoor patio covers is the smart choice you’ll wish you made sooner. Perfect for any weather, they ensure your outdoor space is always ready for use. 

Making the most of your outdoor area boosts your home’s value and your quality of life. Don’t wait any longer. 

Call (720) 580-3677 today, and the experts at Land Designs by Colton will guide you every step of the way to a successful project.

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