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How Much Does A Pergola Cost In 2024 | Types & Benefits

Imagine your own backyard transformed into a paradise with a custom pergola, a place where you can unwind and enjoy the Denver sun without worrying about the heat. On average, homeowners in Denver spend between $3,500 and $8,000 on their pergola projects. 

But don’t let those numbers scare you off!

The cost of a pergola can depend on a number of factors – size, materials, design complexity, and whether you opt for custom elements. Read on to understand what impacts the cost and how you can create your dream pergola within your budget.

Outdoor patio with pergola patio covers

Types Of Pergolas To Consider In Denver, CO

Let’s delve into the various types of pergolas you can consider building in Denver, CO, and their associated costs.

1. Cedar Pergolas

Building a cedar pergola in your backyard could be likened to adding a cherry on top of your ice cream sundae – the final touch takes it from good to great! Cedar, a favorite among Denver homeowners, is renowned for its weather resistance and ability to withstand the Denver climate.

Cedar Pergolas Pros:

Cedar Pergolas Cons:

Wood Pergola installed in Colorado

2. Vinyl Pergolas

Think of vinyl pergolas as the superheroes of the pergola world. They’re practically invincible against the elements, requiring almost zero maintenance. A vinyl pergola is a great option if you’re keen on durability but are not willing to shell out for a high pergola cost.

Pros of Vinyl Pergolas:

Cons of Vinyl Pergolas:

3. Aluminum Pergolas

Aluminum pergolas are like the Swiss Army knives of the pergola world. They’re light, sturdy, and versatile, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who want to save money on pergola installation without sacrificing quality.

Pros of Aluminum Pergolas:

Cons of Aluminum Pergolas:

Aluminium Pergola Colorado

4. DIY Pergola Kits

You can think of DIY pergola kits as your Ikea furniture. They come with all the materials you need and clear instructions. If you’re confident in your skills to manage projects around the house, a DIY pergola kit could be a cost-effective way to add a pergola to your home.

DIY Pergola Kits Pros:

DIY Pergola Kits Cons:

Remember, the average pergola costs can be influenced heavily by the size, design, and materials. As you deliberate on the best pergola style for your home, remember to factor in not only the upfront costs but also the long-term maintenance and durability.

The Benefits of Building a Pergola in Denver, CO

A pergola is not just a beautiful backyard structure; it’s an investment that adds value to your home and enhances your outdoor living space. Here’s why you should consider building a pergola if you live in Denver, CO:

Similar to how a picture frame showcases a beautiful landscape, a pergola frames your outdoor space, making it an inviting area for relaxation or entertainment. With Denver’s 300 days of sunshine per year, a pergola provides the perfect blend of sun and shade, allowing you to soak in Vitamin D while staying cool.
Think of a pergola as an extension of your living room, but with a much better view. It provides a comfortable space for dining, socializing, or simply unwinding with a good book.
Like adding a master suite to your home, building a pergola adds substantial value. Prospective buyers often see outdoor living spaces as a sought-after feature, making your home more desirable on the market.
Pergolas are like a blank canvas, ready for you to add your personal touches. You can grow beautiful climbing plants, hang fairy lights, or even install a swing. The choices are endless, and they allow you to create a unique space that reflects your style.

Pergolas require minimal upkeep, especially if you choose durable materials like cedar or vinyl. This is a huge perk for busy Denver homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor space without the hassle of continuous maintenance.

Investing in a pergola is like upgrading from a standard TV to a home theater system – it enhances the experience dramatically. So, if you’re considering a new project, don’t just build something; add value, beauty, and functionality to your home with a pergola.

Choosing The Best Wood For Your Pergola in Denver, CO

Just like selecting the right ingredients to cook up a gourmet meal, choosing the right wood for your backyard pergola can make a world of difference. Wood, with its natural warmth and beauty, is a popular choice among Denver homeowners. Here are a few types of wood that stand up well to Denver’s climate:
Think of Redwood as the heavyweight champion in the world of pergola woods. With its inherent resistance to decay and termites, redwood is a great choice for a long-lasting, beautiful pergola.
Douglas Fir is the hardworking middle child — reliable, strong, and budget-friendly. This wood is widely available in Denver and it’s known for its strength and straight grain, making it ideal for a pergola construction.
Pressure-treated Pine is like the insurance policy of woods. Treated to resist rot, decay, and termites, this wood is a durable and economical choice for your pergola.
Remember, the type of wood you choose can have a direct impact on your pergola cost. But rest assured, investing in quality materials upfront can save you money in the long run by extending the life of your pergola.

Top 5 Lumber Suppliers For Your Denver Pergola

  1. Denver Lumber Company: With a history stretching back to 1890, Denver Lumber Company is a trusted supplier offering a wide selection of lumber types, perfect for constructing your stunning pergola. They emphasize quality and customer satisfaction.

  2. Front Range Lumber Company: A family-owned business since 1965, Front Range Lumber offers an extensive collection of durable woods suitable for pergola construction. They prioritize customer service and fair pricing.

  3. Austin Hardwoods: Renowned for their quality hardwoods, Austin Hardwoods has a variety of pergola-suited woods. Their professional staff is always ready to offer expert advice matching your needs.

  4. Paxton Wood: Known for their fine hardwoods, Paxton Wood offers a selection of high-quality lumber ideal for pergola construction. Their exceptional service makes the shopping experience hassle-free.

  5. Honsador Lumber: With over 80 years of experience, Honsador Lumber provides a wide range of lumber products, ensuring that you find the perfect wood for your pergola. They stand for quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Making Sense of Pergola Costs – A Breakdown

Breaking down the pergola cost isn’t as daunting as it seems. Think of it as shopping for your dream car. You have a base price, and then there are additional costs for special features, customizations, and installation. Here’s a simple breakdown to help you understand the components:
This is akin to the make of your car. Pergolas can be made from various materials. Cedar pergolas are like your vintage cars – elegant and timeless, but pricier. On the other hand, vinyl pergolas and aluminum pergolas are more like your dependable everyday rides – durable and easier on the pocket. Material costs can range from $35 to $70 per square foot.
The size of your pergola can be compared to the model of your car. A larger pergola, much like an SUV, would cost more than a compact car or a smaller pergola. The cost per square foot is a useful measure here, typically falling in the $40 to $90 range.
This can be likened to the trim level of a car. A pergola with a retractable or louvered roof, for example, would cost more than a pergola with a traditional roof type. The same applies for built-in seating or custom elements.
This is your delivery cost, and it can vary greatly based on whether you choose a DIY pergola kit or hire professional pergola builders. Labor costs can range from $50 to $65 per square foot.

Custom Vs. Prefabricated – What’s Best For You?

If you’re a DIY enthusiast who loves projects around the house, a DIY pergola kit might be perfect for you! It’s like those flat-packed furniture pieces, simple, fun to assemble, and can save money on pergola installation. But if you want something truly unique and are willing to spend a bit more, you might prefer to build a custom pergola. It’s like having a car made just for you!

Understanding the Components of a Pergola and Their Costs

For a pergola, every piece plays a vital role, much like a beautiful orchestra where everyone contributes to the harmonious melody. Let’s examine the main components and their costs.
These are the supportive pillars of your pergola, much like the legs of a table. They bear the load of the entire structure and give it stability. Depending on the material and design, these can cost anywhere from $20 to $60 each.
he beams run horizontally across the tops of the posts, acting like the backbone of your pergola. They’re key to maintaining the pergola’s shape and structure. Depending on type and size, they can cost between $15 to $30 per foot.
These are the crossbeams that run across the top of the pergola, creating that classic grid-like appearance. They’re much like the branches of a tree, providing shade and architectural interest. Their cost can range from $10 to $20 per foot.
Braces provide extra support and stability to your pergola, like a belt supporting a pair of pants. They can cost between $5 to $10 each.
These are the nuts and bolts of the operation, literally! They secure the entire structure together, like the stitching holds a quilt in place. Costs for these can range from $50 to $100 in total.
Depending on the design and materials, this can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. The cost includes additional roofing material, installation costs, and any necessary structural reinforcements.
These can include decorative elements, shade cloths, or lighting systems, much like the accessories you add to your favorite outfit. Costs vary greatly depending on what you choose, starting from $50 going up to several hundred dollars.
Remember, each component adds not only cost but also value to your pergola. The quality of materials you select can have a significant impact on the durability and aesthetics of your pergola. Here’s a quick table recap:
Component Price Range
Posts $20 - $60 each
Beams $15 - $30 per foot
Rafters $10 - $20 per foot
Braces $5 - $10 each
Hardware & Screws $50 - $100
Pergola Roof $500 to $3,000
Optional Extras Starts from $50 (can go up)

Pergola Cost FAQs

The cost of a 12X12 pergola can vary greatly depending on materials and design. For instance, a simple DIY kit could range from $1,500 to $2,000, while a custom cedar pergola might cost between $5,000 and $6,000.

If you decide to include extras like a retractable roof or a built-in seating, the price could increase significantly. Always ensure to balance cost with quality and functionality to get the most value for your investment.

The cost comparison between building a pergola and buying one depends on several factors such as material, size, and design. While a DIY pergola kit can be more cost-effective initially, ranging from $1,500 to $3,500, it generally won’t offer the same level of customization and quality that a professionally built pergola would.

A custom-built pergola, while more expensive, ranging from $3,500 to $25,000+, can provide a unique aesthetic that perfectly matches your home and landscape, potentially adding more value in the long run.

Absolutely! Pergolas are a worthwhile investment for several reasons. Firstly, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, making it more inviting. Secondly, they provide a shaded area, enabling you to enjoy your backyard even on sunny days.

Lastly, a well-designed pergola can increase your property’s value. Just like a master bedroom suite or a gourmet kitchen, a pergola can be a selling point, particularly for buyers who enjoy outdoor living.

The cost of a pergola in 2024 can be expected to follow the same ballpark figures discussed above, but may see a slight increase due to inflation and increased material costs. For a DIY kit, you might be looking at a price range of $1,600 to $3,700, while a custom-built pergola could range anywhere from $3,700 to $26,000+.

Remember, the final cost will significantly depend on your design choices, materials, and any optional extras you choose to include.

The cost of a pergola may seem high due to several factors. Among them are the quality of materials used, the complexity of the design, and the labor required for its construction. Custom-built pergolas, which offer unique design and superior durability, naturally cost more due to their personalized nature and the high-grade materials used.

Remember, a pergola is a long-term investment that not only enhances your outdoor space but can also add value to your property.

Whether a pergola is cheaper than a gazebo largely depends on design, material, and size. Generally speaking, gazebos may be more costly due to their more complex structure and enclosed nature. Pergolas, being simpler and more open, can be less expensive.

However, a high-end custom pergola could potentially cost more than a basic gazebo. Always consider your budget and needs when choosing between the two.

Wrap It Up With A New Pergola From Land Designs By Colton

Deciding to add a pergola to your Denver, CO backyard is a significant decision, and one that can greatly enhance your outdoor living space. As we’ve covered, the pergola cost will depend on a number of factors, including materials, design, and size. Remember, while price is an important consideration, it’s the value, quality, and longevity that really count.

At Land Designs By Colton, we understand that each pergola is unique, just like your home. Our team of professionals is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, whether it’s a pergola over your paver patio or a standalone structure in your garden.

Let us help you create the perfect outdoor oasis tailored to your preferences and budget. Get in touch with us today at (720) 580-3677 to get started on your dream pergola project!