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Xeriscaping Cost In Littleton, CO

Transform your garden effortlessly with our cost-effective xeriscaping in Littleton, CO.

Watering traditional yards in Littleton’s arid climate can be challenging and costly, making it a significant pain point for homeowners in the area. If the issue remains unaddressed, not only would you face escalating water bills, but you also risk damaging the environment due to excessive water usage, and jeopardizing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Land Designs by Colton embarked on a journey more than a decade ago, specializing in xeriscaping, an ecologically sustainable yet visually appealing landscaping solution. We understand the importance of preserving water resources, especially in arid regions like Littleton, CO.

Xeriscaping Done In Colorado By Coltons

Benefit from an Economically and Environmentally Friendly Yard with Us

Choosing Land Designs by Colton means investing in a future where you can relish the beauty of your home’s landscape without the worry of exorbitant water bills. Our decade-long expertise and certification as landscape architects assure a stunning, water-efficient yard that saves your wallet and the environment, tailored to the specific needs of Littleton, CO.

Average Xeriscaping Cost In Littleton, CO

The cost of xeriscaping in Littleton, CO can vary significantly based on the size and complexity of the project.

For instance, a comprehensive xeriscape backyard project, covering approximately 1600 sq. ft., was quoted at $30,000. This included a new irrigation system, weed prevention cloth, installation of larger trees and shrubs, over 30 native plants and grasses, new lawn installation, and a paver patio. The plant material and irrigation alone accounted for $10,000 of the total cost.

Such an investment not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also promises significant long-term savings on water bills and maintenance costs.

Yard Size Cost (Labor Included)
500 sq. ft. $$7,500 - $15,000
1,000 sq. ft. $15,000 - $30,000
1,250 sq. ft. $18,750 - $37,500
1,500 sq. ft. $22,500 - $45,000
2,000 sq. ft. $30,000 - $60,000

Uncover the Value of Xeriscaping: Explore Our Portfolio

Discover the transformative power of xeriscaping by diving into our extensive project portfolio. Each showcase presents a unique narrative, underlining our commitment to water efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness. Witness the potential of your landscape transformation with Land Designs By Colton.

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30+ projects completed annually

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What Influences Xeriscaping Cost In Littleton, CO

Several factors can influence the cost of xeriscaping in Littleton, CO. The scale and complexity of the project, the choice of plants, the need for an irrigation system, the type and quantity of hardscaping materials, and any necessary soil amendments all play a part in determining the overall cost. It’s important to keep these considerations in mind as they can significantly impact the initial outlay for a xeriscaping project.

Choosing the right xeriscaping plants is crucial to ensure they are compatible with the local climate and can thrive with minimal water intake. For an area like Littleton, CO, which experiences a relatively dry climate, drought-tolerant plants are an excellent choice. These plants, predominantly native to Colorado, are accustomed to the low rainfall and high temperatures, making them ideal for xeriscaping.

Examples of drought-tolerant plants suited to Littleton’s climate include the Blue Grama grass, Rocky Mountain Columbine, and the Colorado Blue Spruce. These plants not only require less water but also contribute beautifully to the aesthetics of your landscape.

However, the cost associated with procuring and planting these unique species can be substantial. Depending on the number and variety of plants necessary to cover your yard, and considering their relative rarity and the care required to nurture them properly, the plant material alone can cost up to $15,000.

This is indeed a significant investment, but one that is offset by the long-term savings in water bills and maintenance costs, not to mention the added property value.

Another key aspect of xeriscaping in Littleton, CO, is the selective use of artificial turf. This synthetic grass alternative proves beneficial in water conservation, especially in regions with dry climates.

There are three primary types of artificial turf available, each offering distinct benefits and cost factors.

  1. Polypropylene: This is the least expensive and, unfortunately, the least durable option. It struggles to withstand high traffic or extreme heat, meaning you might need to replace it after a few years. However, its affordability can make it an attractive option for some, with costs ranging from $2 to $6 per square foot.

  2. Polyethylene: A more recent development in artificial turf technology, Polyethylene turf, offers a softer feel and comes in varying blade shapes. This feature allows it to closely resemble different species of natural grass, providing a more authentic look. The cost for Polyethylene turf typically falls between $2.50 and $4 per square foot.

  3. Nylon: The highest quality artificial turf on the market, Nylon is perfect for high-traffic areas due to its durability and natural appearance. It’s also heat-resistant, making it ideal for places such as sports fields and hot climates. While it’s the most expensive, with costs between $5 and $6 per square foot, its long-life span often justifies the investment.

While the upfront costs of artificial turf can be considerable, the long-term savings in water and maintenance bills make it an attractive, cost-effective option within a xeriscaping design.

In any xeriscaping project, an essential component is the use of mulch. Mulching serves multiple purposes, which include conserving water, suppressing weeds, reducing soil erosion, and enhancing the overall visual appeal of your landscape.

Mulch, the layer of material applied to the surface of your xeriscaped yard, works by reducing evaporation, thereby helping the soil retain its moisture. This process is particularly helpful in arid climates like Littleton, CO, where water conservation is crucial.

There are primarily two types of mulch used in xeriscaping: organic and inorganic.

Organic Mulch

Organic mulch is derived from natural substances such as wood chips, bark, compost, or grass clippings. It’s beneficial because it gradually decomposes, improving the quality of your soil by adding nutrients over time. However, organic mulch may require more frequent replenishment as it decomposes, thereby raising maintenance costs. The cost of organic mulch can vary greatly but commonly ranges from $50 to $150 per cubic yard.

Inorganic Mulch

Inorganic mulch, on the other hand, is made from man-made materials such as stones, gravel, or fabric. While it doesn’t enrich the soil, it’s a durable choice that doesn’t decompose, and thus requires less maintenance than organic mulch.

However, inorganic mulch can lead to heat buildup which may not be ideal for certain plants. The cost of inorganic mulch also varies widely, typically from $25 to $300 per cubic yard, depending on the type and quality.

When considering the cost of mulching in xeriscaping, it’s essential to weigh the long-term benefits. Even though the upfront cost can be significant, the savings in water bills, the reduction in time spent on yard maintenance, and the enhanced visual appeal of your landscape make it a worthwhile investment.

How Our Clients Are Saving Money and Loving Their Landscapes

Don’t just take our word for it–explore the reviews from our satisfied clients. Their experiences highlight the exceptional value of our xeriscaping services in Littleton, CO, and can guide your decision, ensuring you too can reap the benefits they’ve enjoyed.

francisco africano

Francisco Africano


It was great working with Jon, Flavia, and the team. Jon provided a reasonably priced quote, made some recommendations, and completed the project in a timely manner.

I look forward to working with Land Designs by Colton again in the near future.


Tom&Mel Langworthy


Land Designs by Colton was fantastic, responsive and professional from day one – they were excited for our project and delivered a fantastic result – landscaping for the entire property – and we will not hesitate to use Jonathan again for any future projects.

Xeriscaping Cost In Littleton, CO - FAQs

Yes, outdoor lighting can indeed be incorporated into your xeriscape, enhancing its aesthetics while also providing safety and functionality.

The cost of this addition depends on the type and number of lights required, as well as the complexity of installation.

On average, the addition of outdoor lighting to a xeriscape can cost up to $4000 or more. It is certainly a worthy investment, given the added beauty and security it provides to your landscape.

Rocks and gravel are a vital part of xeriscaping, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The cost can vary considerably based on the type and quantity required, as well as the source location.

Most people usually find that for the quantities needed in xeriscaping, they spend anywhere from $350 to $5,000. The wide range is due to the breadth of options available and the specific needs of your unique design.

The cost of xeriscaping a 1,000-square-foot yard in Littleton, CO, can widely vary, mainly depending on the design complexity and materials chosen.

For a basic xeriscape with minimal hardscaping and native plants, costs might start around $15,000. For a more intricate design with premium materials, costs can easily elevate to $30,000 or more.

Remember, xeriscaping is an investment that pays off in long-term water savings, low maintenance, and a boost in property value.

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Why Land Designs By Colton is Your Top Choice for Xeriscaping in Littleton, CO

With over a decade of experience and expertise in efficient watering and landscaping, Land Designs By Colton is the best choice for xeriscaping in Littleton, CO. Here are the key reasons to choose us:

We have over 10 years of experience and a Certified Landscape Architect on our team.

We have completed over 250 landscape enhancements.

We offer competitive xeriscaping costs that provide long-term savings.

We’re always here to help, just a phone call away at (720) 580-3677.

Gain Unmatched Value with Land Designs By Colton

Investing in xeriscaping is a smart choice and partnering with Land Designs By Colton is even smarter! We assure you of unparalleled expertise, cost-effective solutions, and exceptional support throughout the process. Don’t wait any longer, give us a call or click the button below to send us a message. Start your xeriscaping journey with the best in Littleton, CO.

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